What You’ll Love About Senior Living in Nebraska

Nebraska road sign reading Nebraska The Good Life and Home of Arbor Day
Are you getting ready for the big move to a senior living community? Moving can be overwhelming, but focusing on why you’re making the change can help you maintain a positive frame of mind. Let us help by telling you ...
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How to Video Chat: A Guide for Seniors

Two seniors smiling and waving at their laptop, video chatting
Why would a senior want to video chat? There are a variety of reasons, and the list seems to keep growing. As a result, learning how to video chat is something that you’ll want to check off your to-do list ...
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Card Games for Seniors

Smiling senior woman playing cards with friend
Are you looking for a fun way to stimulate your brain and spend time with friends and loved ones? Believe it or not, the answer might be lying in your game cabinet. You’ll see why once you try these card ...
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How to Deal with Moving Stress

Two seniors with moving boxes and dog, smiling
Moving to a new home offers a fresh start, which can be reinvigorating at any age. It gives you a chance to reassess your daily routine and develop healthy new habits. In many cases, it gives you the opportunity to ...
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How to Write a Memoir

Senior woman typing on laptop, notebook beside her
If you thought only celebrities and professional writers were allowed to write memoirs, think again! Everyone has a story to tell – even you. While you may not sell a million copies of your memoir, you can create a priceless ...
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How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sunscreen in sand, flip flop, sunglasses, and hat in background
Are you enjoying some summer fun in the sun? Whether you prefer floating in the pool, eating watermelon at a barbecue, or sitting on a lawn chair with a good book, be sure to enjoy all your favorite warm-weather activities ...
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What Happens in the Brain When We Learn Something New?

Brain drawing cut-out on wood surface
Seniors in high school often gleefully celebrate the end of this phase of their formal education. Seniors at university are generally focused on finding a job that can set their foot firmly on the career ladder. Senior citizens are not ...
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Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Senior man sitting outside in harsh sunlight
Everyone knows that summer is the season for outdoor fun. However, if you overdo it, you might find yourself struggling to deal with the heat. Learn the symptoms of heat stroke, so you can avoid getting sidelined with a serious ...
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What Is Independent Living Like?

Two smiling seniors eating breakfast and coffee outside
Most of us look forward to making the most of our golden years with hobbies, friends, and fun. However, it can be hard to make that happen when everyday life keeps getting in the way. If you want a carefree ...
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What Causes Insomnia?

Senior couple in bed, woman staring at the ceiling while man sleeps
Do you dread going to bed because you worry that you’ll spend hours there, lying awake and wishing you could fall asleep? Do you fall asleep quickly only to wake up hours before your alarm clock will sound? Do you ...
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