What Is Independent Living Like?

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Most of us look forward to making the most of our golden years with hobbies, friends, and fun. However, it can be hard to make that happen when everyday life keeps getting in the way. If you want a carefree lifestyle with a helping hand when you need it, independent living might be perfect for you. What is independent living like?

What Is Independent Living Like?

It’s the great dilemma of retirement: How do you balance your newfound time with the daily tasks that need to get done? Sure, retirement can take the burden of a 9-to-5 job off of your plate. However, whether someone is working or not, we all have other tasks and obligations that can make our lives complicated. House maintenance, daily chores, and all the other tasks that make up life can leave you with very limited time to enjoy that well-earned retirement. How can you make it work?

In addition to needing extra assistance, retirement and aging can also be an isolating experience for some people. Studies show that for seniors who choose to live alone at home, loneliness can become a serious issue. And yet, many seniors still prefer to live independently and have concerns about how senior living could affect their sense of independence. How can a senior balance their need for freedom with their need for community?

For some seniors, the answer is independent living. It’s a type of senior community that prioritizes freedom and flexibility for community members, while still making sure their basic needs are met. So, what is independent living like? And is it the right choice for you?

Independent Living: Support When You Need It, Freedom When You Don’t

For seniors who live in an independent living community, it’s the key to enjoying their golden years on their terms. It allows seniors to enjoy a communal lifestyle in a supported community, while still pursuing their individual passions. In fact, some seniors in independent living communities aren’t even retired yet!

Residents of senior independent living communities typically live in self-contained apartment-style units, with the same amenities you’d expect from any upscale living community. They get the benefit of living in a community of active seniors just like them, which makes finding friendship and community easier. Best of all, they have the support of a qualified staff helping them meet daily needs like housekeeping, cooking, and maintenance needs. There’s also a 24-hour staff available for emergency needs and unexpected day-to-day concerns.

Is Independent Living Right for Me?

Independent living is not meant for seniors who want or need daily support. However, it does mean that support is there when they need it the most. For many seniors, it’s the perfect combination. Seniors who thrive in independent living tend to share some similar qualities:

  • Seniors who don’t require daily medical support or other daily living support
  • Seniors who feel isolated living on their own and are actively seeking social activities and community
  • Seniors who are looking for a slower-paced lifestyle and a little more support during their golden years

If these bullet points describe you, our community could be the perfect home for you.


What is independent living like? It’s a way you can get all the benefits of a supportive senior community while still maintaining your own lifestyle. Check out our website to learn more, and schedule a visit today!

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