Tips for Improving Family Relationships

Senior woman and younger woman smiling and hugging outside
Family is everything. Whether you’re related by blood or part of a strong “chosen family,” family members can often be our greatest sources of love and support. But occasionally, you might find your family members feeling a little distant – ...
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How to Be More Carefree

Smiling senior man sitting down
“Don’t worry, be happy!” You might remember that fun Bobby McFerrin song from the radio, or maybe you’ve seen the phrase on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. Is it really that easy, though? Let’s talk about how to be more ...
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Genealogy Tips for Beginners

Three vintage photographs, lace, jewelry
People grow curious about their family trees for a variety of reasons. It may be that you grew up hearing a cherished story as a child, and now, as an adult, you’re wondering if there is more to the tale. ...
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How to Boost Your Memory

Close-up of senior man completing puzzle shaped like human head
Do you ever walk into a room and forget what you’re doing there? You aren’t alone! Lots of people struggle with memory issues, especially as they advance into their senior years. Believe it or not, you can do something about ...
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Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Smiling senior couple packing cardboard boxes
Downsizing presents a great opportunity to eliminate clutter in your life. By thoughtfully deciding which of your possessions deserve to come along for the ride (and which deserve a fond or not-so-fond farewell), you can build a beautiful, stress-free home. ...
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Benefits of Audiobooks

Senior man wearing headphones looking thoughtful
Did you ever listen to radio dramas as a kid? Relying on dialogue, music, and sound effects, these acoustic performances had the power to transport their listeners into far-off settings with entertaining stories. Although they’re not popular currently, a similar ...
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Relaxation Techniques for Sleeping

Senior woman looking thoughtfully at tablet in bed
Do you often find yourself counting sheep or studying the texture of your ceiling because you just can’t seem to fall asleep? You’re certainly not alone. About 30 to 48 percent of seniors experience symptoms of insomnia, which means that they ...
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Online Games for Seniors

Senior man sitting on couch with laptop, smiling
Computer games aren’t just for kids. Some online games can actually boost your mood and improve your cognition. So, if you’re looking for a little entertainment, check out our list of the best online games for seniors.
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Summer Health Tips for Seniors

Watering can filled with daisies, outside on summer day
Summer may be drawing to a close, but sky-high temperatures are sticking around across the country. Although summer is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors, heat and humidity present a set of unique health risks – especially for ...
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Things to Do in Wayne, Nebraska

Example of a fern fossil
Despite its small size, Wayne, Nebraska, offers an eclectic assortment of attractions and events. Science enthusiasts will appreciate the fossil beds and planetarium, and anyone up for a good time will enjoy the city’s annual “Chicken Show.” You’ll love this ...
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