Online Games for Seniors

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Computer games aren’t just for kids. Some online games can actually boost your mood and improve your cognition. So, if you’re looking for a little entertainment, check out our list of the best online games for seniors.

Online Games for Seniors

Challenge Your Brain with AARP Games for Seniors

If you’re new to online gaming, check out the AARP’s extensive collection of safe online games specifically designed for seniors. The game catalog includes favorites like chess, brain games, and card games. Want to challenge a friend? The site also offers a wide variety of multiplayer games, which you can play with friends across the country (or down the hall).

Compete in Online Chess

Chess is the ultimate battle of wits, helping you stay sharp and even improve your cognition over time. Whether you’re a seasoned chess master or a brand-new player, you can improve your game using The free website offers a variety of online chess options including computer-generated opponents, random matchups, and even global chess tournaments. You can also download the app on your mobile device, allowing you to play against friends and loved ones who also have the app.

Browse Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have a variety of benefits, but they can be challenging for seniors with arthritis or other mobility issues. Plus, it’s so easy to lose the pieces! If you’d rather not mess with hundreds of tiny pieces on your coffee table, check out On the site, you can choose from puzzles that contain up to 500 pieces and complete them with the click of your mouse.

Join the Mahjong Revolution

Mahjong, an ancient game with origins in China, is making a huge comeback. Whether you’re old hat or completely new to the game, the internet is full of free traditional mahjong game options. If you’d like to mix things up, you can try the AARP’s Mahjong Remix. It offers a new, timed twist on the classic game.

Staying Safe During Online Gaming

For seniors who are new to online gaming, it’s remarkably easy to find a gaming community. However, it’s important to be cognizant of some key safety practices:

  • Avoid ads: Many gaming sites contain ads, which often ask you to click or download something onto your computer. If you see a pop-up ad, it could contain a harmful virus. When in doubt, don’t download anything from gaming sites, and navigate to a different site if you feel inundated with ads.
  • Keep your information private: The online gaming community is full of new friends, but it can also be a tempting hunting ground for predators. Avoid divulging personal information to other online gamers, including your location or last name. You should also make sure never to give your password to another user.
  • Use a designated gaming email: Many gaming sites will ask you to create an account using your email address. If you find yourself gaming frequently, we recommend creating a separate email address that you’ll use solely for gaming. This can help protect your identity and prevent ads from flooding your primary email address.


Online games for seniors can be a great source of entertainment and cognitive enrichment. So long as you keep in mind a few security measures, online gaming can become a rewarding pastime during your retirement.

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