The Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

Senior man laughing while playing chess

An apple a day can keep the doctor away, but what about the power of a good joke? Laughter is good for your body and mind, and using your sense of humor to keep things lighter can be a great way to make life more manageable. What are the mental health benefits of laughter?

The Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

If you’re trying to keep yourself in shape, you probably think about diet and exercise, but what about your mental health? Psychological and physical health are firmly linked, and being proactive about your brain health is a smart way to prevent common senior issues like depression and cognitive decline. One of the most potent weapons in your mental health arsenal is laughter. What are the mental health benefits of laughter?

Laughter Is an Effective Form of Stress Relief

If you’ve ever watched a funny movie or TV show to cheer yourself up after a tough day, you know that humor can make stressful times more manageable. That’s because laughter helps your brain and body process stress responses healthily. Laughter also releases endorphins into your system and decreases your heart rate, which puts your body back into a relaxed state after experiencing prolonged stress.

Laughter Can Help You Reframe Difficult Situations

Everybody goes through periods of life where staying positive can be challenging. However, keeping a positive mindset when encountering challenges is an intelligent way to protect your mental health. If you’re having trouble finding the bright side of things, laughter can help you reframe your concerns by reducing your tendency to dwell on negative emotions and helping you look for the lighter side of things. Laughter can also lift your mood and improve your self-esteem, making tough times easier to handle.

Laughter Helps You Express Yourself

Do you sometimes struggle to express your emotions? If you’re the kind of person who keeps things bottled up, laughter can help you get out of your shell. Humor can help people connect to their spontaneous side and find new ways to express themselves without inhibitions. A good joke about a difficult situation can also let you express difficult emotions in a way that other people can engage with more comfortably. If you have trouble sharing your thoughts and feelings, laughter might be the release valve you need.

Laughter Helps Us Connect with Other People

Have you ever heard that laughter is contagious? Believe it or not, our brains are wired to use humor to bond with others. Maintaining good relationships and social connections with others is crucial to managing mental health, so don’t miss out on what a good joke can do for your social life. Humor can give you tools to connect to the people around you and reduce the stress caused by group tensions and conflict. A good sense of humor also attracts positive people to you, and a shared joke can give you something to bond over. Humor can even make teamwork easier.


The mental health benefits of laughter are real, and they can help any senior who needs them. So put on your favorite comedy the next time you’re in a bad mood, or call that friend who always cracks you up. It’s for your health!

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