Easter Crafts for Seniors

Painted Easter eggs in a row on wood surface

Easter is a holiday of spiritual joy, beautiful colors, egg hunts, and scrumptious food. It’s also a great chance to celebrate the return of spring, enjoying the emerging flowers, budding trees, and warmer weather. Welcome the Easter Bunny to your home with these delightful Easter crafts for seniors!

Easter Crafts for Seniors

Whether you celebrate the holiday or you’re just happy to see spring again after a long winter, Easter is a holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. If you enjoy arts and crafts, Easter also brings a variety of opportunities for you to flex your creative skills. Brighten up your space or make some gifts for friends with these fun Easter crafts for seniors.

Painted Easter Eggs

If you don’t want to deal with the potential messiness of dyeing eggs, you can make beautiful mess-free eggs with just a white paint pen and some pre-colored ceramics. And the best part? You can reuse this egg-cellent decor over and over again.

Simple Bunny T-Shirt

Are you looking to make a fashion statement this Easter? You can make a minimalist Easter-themed bunny t-shirt with some fabric paint, a stencil, and a cotton ball or pom-pom. Get creative with colors and patterns, and personalize it however you like. This is also a great craft to do with younger loved ones on Easter morning. Matching shirts at Easter brunch, anyone?

Lollipop Easter Bunnies

Do you want to add an extra-special treat to a loved one’s Easter basket? These adorable lollipop Easter bunnies can be made with some glue, googly eyes, and the scraps in your craft basket. They’re so cute, you almost won’t want to eat them!

Handprint Easter Lilies

Did you know that Easter lilies are traditionally given as a gift to mothers? They symbolize purity, grace, and the coming spring in addition to the Easter holiday. You can give someone a bouquet of lilies with an extra-personal touch by making some handprint Easter lilies. These paper flowers also make a great centerpiece or door decoration.

Aromatherapy Sock Bunnies

If you have a pair of colorful socks that are past their prime, you might not want to wear them anymore. But don’t toss them in the trash just yet! Instead, you can make these cute and functional aromatherapy sock bunnies with a little rice, a few crafty odds and ends, and a couple of drops of essential oil. You can also skip the oil and just have a cute decoration for your Easter table.

Easter Creature Finger Puppets

If you have some pom-poms and pipe cleaners, you can make the Easter bunny a guest at your table with these springy and simple Easter finger puppets. You can make Easter bunnies, birds, cats, and all kinds of other animals to play with and enjoy. These puppets make great Easter basket treats, or can even be fun crafts to make with the little ones in your life.

Easter Suncatchers

Spring means more sunshine in our windows, so be sure to welcome it back in style with these Easter suncatchers. Use one of these templates to make a suncatcher in a traditional Easter shape, then fill it with colored tissue paper or transfer paper. You can even use watercolors or other art tools to give them your own special touch. Let them dry, then hang them up in the window and enjoy their bright colors all season long.


We hope these Easter crafts for seniors will give you hours of enjoyment with your family and friends. Give them away as gifts, or hang on to them to decorate for Easter next year!

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