Living with Purpose

Spring Activities for Seniors

Senior woman taking a photograph outside
As the days gradually get longer, it’s finally starting to get warmer. The grass is getting greener. Plants and trees are budding, and everything seems to be getting a fresh start. Birds are returning, animals are moving around more, and ...
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Finding Purpose in Life After Retirement

Smiling senior man playing guitar on park bench
Charles Dickens was an English writer, social critic, and the creator of some of the world’s best-known fictional characters. Many of his works continue to be read and adapted today. Clearly, he had both a way with words and an ...
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Hobbies for Seniors at Home

Colorful balls of yarn on crocheted blanket
Did you know that the Wright Brothers were bicycle makers until their hobby of exploring aeronautics led them to invent the aeroplane? You never know where an interesting hobby can take you. Even if you never step outside your door, ...
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Things to See in Nebraska

Chimney Rock in Nebraska, sunflowers in the foreground
Nebraska boasts a bounty of natural wonders – and since it’s often overlooked as a travel destination, you won’t have to fight any crowds to enjoy them! From majestic monuments to epic bird migrations, the Cornhusker State has you covered. ...
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Tips for Improving Family Relationships

Senior woman and younger woman smiling and hugging outside
Family is everything. Whether you’re related by blood or part of a strong “chosen family,” family members can often be our greatest sources of love and support. But occasionally, you might find your family members feeling a little distant – ...
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How to Be More Carefree

Smiling senior man sitting down
“Don’t worry, be happy!” You might remember that fun Bobby McFerrin song from the radio, or maybe you’ve seen the phrase on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. Is it really that easy, though? Let’s talk about how to be more ...
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Benefits of Audiobooks

Senior man wearing headphones looking thoughtful
Did you ever listen to radio dramas as a kid? Relying on dialogue, music, and sound effects, these acoustic performances had the power to transport their listeners into far-off settings with entertaining stories. Although they’re not popular currently, a similar ...
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