Hobbies for Seniors at Home

Colorful balls of yarn on crocheted blanket

Did you know that the Wright Brothers were bicycle makers until their hobby of exploring aeronautics led them to invent the aeroplane? You never know where an interesting hobby can take you. Even if you never step outside your door, there are lots of hobbies for seniors at home to explore.

Hobbies for Seniors at Home

People with hobbies tend to be happier, experience less stress, and even have lower blood pressure than people who don’t. However, it might be hard to think of a hobby you can do from the comfort of your couch. Don’t let that limit your imagination. Hobbies for seniors at home can bring you new opportunities to create and connect to the world around you. 

Indoor Gardening

Who says you need a backyard to have a garden? Indoor gardening brings color and fresh air into any home. Try hanging some plants from your ceiling, or placing a pot of herbs in your windowsill to add flavor to recipes. If you’re new to growing plants, succulents are a hardy and popular option that will help you develop your green thumb. More advanced gardeners might enjoy the challenge of a bonsai tree or terrarium.

Backyard Birding

If you love nature, backyard birding could be a great way to learn about your local flora and fauna. All you need is a comfortable chair, a window, and a list of local birds to check off. Settle into a comfortable position and watch the outdoors carefully, keeping an eye on tree branches. You might be surprised by how many feathered friends you can identify. 

Crocheting for a Cause

Crocheting is a craft that has enjoyed a surge in popularity as of late. If you’re looking for some motivation, many seniors enjoy gifting their crafts to people in need. A charity like Warm Up America will accept your crocheted crafts and distribute them to people who have requested blankets and other warm items. You can enjoy the fact that you not only made something beautiful but also that you made someone’s life better.

Get into Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a unique hobby because they’re both artistic and crafty. They challenge your visual memory by having you piece together a photograph from scratch, and you get to enjoy a sense of achievement once the puzzle is complete. Best of all, you have a unique work of art that you made with your own two hands. You can even get custom puzzles made of treasured family photos or other images you enjoy. 

Write the Next Great American Novel

OK, maybe that’s too much pressure. Don’t count yourself out of the race just yet though. Seniors write some of the most compelling work because of the depth of life experience they have to draw from. Writing can also help you preserve your own history and pass it down to the people you love. Get a notebook and start journaling, and see what keeps your attention when you write. 

Stretch Out with Chair Yoga

When you think of yoga, you might think of someone in a leotard bending themselves into a pretzel. However, did you know you can do yoga from the comfort of your favorite chair? Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind, and it can also improve your circulation and flexibility. Chair yoga gives you those benefits with the bonus of balance support and added stability. 

Explore Your Family Tree

Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies for seniors at home. With new tools and resources popping up all the time, it’s never been easier to trace your family history. You can start digging into the mysteries of the past with just a few facts and a home computer. Best of all, you can pass the things you learn on to your younger family members and help them appreciate where they came from.


Hobbies for seniors at home can vary depending on your interests and tastes. No matter what you try, it’ll bring a lot of fun into your life. Why not explore a new hobby today?

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