What Is Assisted Living?

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An assisted living community can help you make new friends, lead an active social life, maintain your health, enjoy peace of mind, and have fun! If you need extra guidance in exploring your senior living community options, we’re here to help you sort it out. What is assisted living, and how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

What Is Assisted Living?

Did you know that one in five seniors needs some kind of assistance every day? That statistic might be worrying if you’re a senior who wants to maintain a level of independence in your golden years. However, you should know that assisted living is here to help seniors like you. What is assisted living? It’s a way to maintain your independence while still getting the help you need.

How Does Assisted Living Work?

When you get down to it, assisted living is more or less precisely what it sounds like. It’s the support provided to seniors to assist them in living independently so they can do the things they want to do with their golden years while still having all of their needs met. It gives many seniors the peace of mind and support they need.

What Are Assisted Living Communities Like?

In many ways, an assisted living community resembles any other planned community, like an apartment complex. Residents in these communities typically have their own private rooms, complete with kitchen facilities and the other amenities you’d expect. There, they can enjoy time to themselves, visit with friends and family, and even have guests spend the night. However, assisted living communities also have other supportive features that help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle:

  • 24-hour emergency monitoring and response
  • Trained medical professionals and other staff with expertise in senior care
  • Assistance with medication and chronic condition management
  • Regular help with household chores like cleaning and laundry
  • Delicious meals and snacks enjoyed in a friendly community environment
  • On-site amenities like a barbershop, theater, restaurant, and more
  • Outings, activities, and classes that keep seniors socially engaged and active

What Kind of Community Is Right for Me?

If you’re worried that these kinds of communities are a one-size-fits-all solution, think again. Personalized care is also a cornerstone of senior living, and the goal of every senior living community is to help seniors balance the freedom they want with the care they need. Because personalized care is so important to the concept of assisted living, there are a few different types of senior living communities that are becoming more and more common:

  • Assisted living communities provide the most general support for seniors who need it. Whether you need daily assistance getting dressed or just want to live with like-minded seniors who are making the most of their golden years, you’ll find the home you’re looking for.
  • Independent living communities are tailor-made for active seniors with jobs, busy volunteer schedules, or other significant commitments that keep them engaged in the community.


What is assisted living? For seniors who want to balance independence and support, it’s a dream come true. Every community is unique, and finding the right one for you just takes research and patience. Visit us at Kinship Pointe, and you’ll see why so many seniors call our community home!

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