Tips for Grandparenting in the Digital Age

Senior woman smiling and video chatting using tablet

If you’re a grandparent, you already know that the world has dramatically changed since your childhood. Catching up with computers and smartphone technology can feel overwhelming, but it can also help you connect with your grandchildren in new ways. These tips for grandparenting in the digital age can put you on the right track.

How to Grandparent in the Digital Age

No matter how much you love the younger people in your family, intergenerational communication can be hard. When it comes to younger people and the internet, it might feel like they’re speaking an entirely different language! It may feel like a lot to figure out, but don’t get intimidated. These tips for grandparenting in the digital age can help you find new ways to connect with the younger people you love.

Embrace the Challenge

If you’re not already tech-savvy, navigating the internet can be difficult. However, there are also many benefits for seniors willing to work through complex tasks. Challenging yourself to learn new things is a great way to boost your mood, stimulate your brain, and avoid cognitive decline. Using technology to connect to your grandkids is a perfect way to explore what technology can do for you.

Use Your Questions to Guide the Process

Did you know that studies show that family relationships strengthen when you take the time to learn things together? You might feel like you have to figure everything out independently, but asking your grandkids to show you what technology they use and how they like it can give you something to bond over. You’ll have fun figuring it out together, and you might surprise yourself with how quickly you pick it up!

Let Video Calls Close the Distance

Staying connected to grandkids over a distance can be difficult, but that’s also where technology can help you the most. Many grandparents find they appreciate video calls over other typical digital communication. A video call lets you converse with your loved one face-to-face, so you’ll never miss a smile. The best part is that most smartphones and computers have installed video call software. No tech support is required. Next time you want to call on the telephone, see if you can try out a video call instead.

Find a Game to Play

If you want a more casual way to connect with your grandkids than a video call, online gaming can provide it. Online games are one of the internet’s most popular pastimes, and the odds are good that your grandkids have a favorite or two. Games like Words with Friends are more fun with more players, and the shared experience will give you something to bond over.

Get Creative

Once you’re acclimated enough to use technology comfortably, there’s no limit to how it can help you connect to your grandkids. You can ask them to send you their favorite songs with YouTube clips or make their birthday with an eGift card they can spend anywhere they like. The more you learn, the more adept you’ll be, so take some time to explore. You can talk to other grandparents about the resources they use or even try an online tutorial or two.


We hope these tips for grandparenting in the digital age will help you connect to the little ones in your life. How can you use technology to connect to your grandkids today?

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