Is Independent Living Right for You?

Two smiling seniors playing cards

For seniors who enjoy basking in the freedom of their retirement years, a senior living community might not seem like a good fit. But did you know that some senior living communities have been designed with the needs of independent seniors in mind? Is independent living right for you?

Is Independent Living Right for You?

One of the most significant decisions seniors have to make in their golden years is deciding where they will live. Assisted living is a natural choice for seniors who know they’d benefit from additional support during the day. Assisted living also comes with many benefits for residents, such as restaurant-style dining and other amenities. What if you want access to those amenities but you don’t need a high level of daily support? What is independent living, and is independent living right for you?

Independent Living Combines Supportive Senior Communities with an Independent Lifestyle

When we talk about a senior moving into an assisted living community, we usually focus on how a senior will benefit from the daily support of a dedicated staff. However, that isn’t the only benefit that seniors get from living in a senior living community. An excellent senior living community is designed with seniors in mind, with the amenities and features most seniors seek in their retirement years. Even if you don’t need daily assistance, it’s still easy to see why any senior would be happy to make one their home.

That’s why independent living communities are increasingly popular with seniors. Independent living allows seniors to live independently in a community designed to help them thrive in their golden years.

Independent Living Gives You a Space of Your Own

Independent living communities prioritize freedom and autonomy, meaning that residents have private living spaces to enjoy. At Kinship Pointe, our independent living communities feature one- or two-bedroom apartments that include full modern kitchens, washer/dryer hookups, and various layouts. You can decorate it how you want, come and go as you please, and welcome guests whenever you like.

Independent Living Gives You the Support You Want

Independent living offers freedom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also have access to the best amenities that assisted living provides residents. Independent living residents still benefit from daily assistance like housekeeping, laundry assistance, and meals served in restaurant-style dining to enjoy. Independent living communities also have on-site self-care resources like beauty shops, fitness and activity equipment, and more. Let independent living take your daily to-do list off your plate, and you can spend your retirement doing precisely what you want instead.

Independent Living Can Make Retirement Fun

With all the free time independent living can provide a senior, you might be wondering what you’ll do with yourself every day. However, that’s the great part of living in a community designed with senior needs in mind. You’ll have a new community of neighbors who are seniors like you and a calendar of fun events, classes, and community outings to look forward to every week. Get ready to make friends and enjoy retirement with a new neighborhood of friends and all the time and support you need to make the most of it!


Is independent living right for you? It might be a great fit if you’re a senior looking for both a supportive community and personal freedom. Visit our independent living communities and see for yourself!

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