Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Smiling senior woman on side of swimming pool

As the years go by, growing older is mandatory. Becoming sedentary is not. Being active is important for your health at any age. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults 65 or older should aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity each week. This should be mixed with muscle strengthening and balance exercises. Before you get overwhelmed, remember that many activities will fulfill all three of these requirements. In fact, there are numerous low-impact exercises for seniors to choose from.

Workouts That Won’t Strain Your Joints

Go Dancing

Are you a fan of letting the music move you? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular Gene Kelly or blessed with two left feet. There are many ways to work up a sweat and burn calories with dancing, You might enjoy spending time on the dance floor while out with friends, swaying in the privacy of your living room with your dog, or taking a dance class to master the details of a new style.

Try Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. It’s also a form of moving meditation. While it may seem slow and simple, it takes a surprising amount of concentration and effort to shift smoothly between each position. Tai Chi has philosophical and physical angles to appreciate, and there’s always something more to learn. It’s also known to improve balance and coordination, so it’s highly effective for anyone who wants to reduce their risk of falls.

Dive into Swimming

Swimming is on virtually every list of low-impact exercises for seniors. As the University of Warwick points out, swimming can be an aerobic activity that challenges the cardiovascular system. The water also provides a healthy level of resistance that can help build muscle and bone strength. At the same time, working out in water reduces the stress on joints, protecting them from damage. This winning combination makes a water workout a magnificent multitasker that’s a great match for the needs of older adults.

Take a Walk

Walking is easy, affordable, and accessible. You can walk inside or outside, alone or with company, and for whatever distance suits your needs. No special equipment is required. It’s also excellent exercise. Whether you walk while window shopping solo, strolling through a park with friends, touring a museum on a rainy afternoon, or doing laps around your sofa as you watch your shows, getting your steps in can raise your heart rate and help improve your health.

Ride a Bike

As a child, learning to ride a bike is freeing. It expands how far you can travel and lets you move more quickly through your widened world. As an adult, you can reclaim that feeling of adventure and fit in some exercise by riding a bike. To enjoy the fresh air, find a bike path. Be sure that you use the appropriate safety gear and are mindful of your surroundings. Are you worried that bike riding may not be a skill that’s locked in your muscles’ memories? Does the thought of trying to get on a bike seem unpleasant? For greater stability, you can always opt for an exercise bike. Recumbent bikes are especially popular with those who don’t want to deal with climbing on or off the uncomfortable seat of a traditional bike setup. These bikes feature a chair-like seat that’s low and easy to access. In addition, most users report that the pedals are comfortable, even for those with stiff knees or ankles.

Go Golfing

Golfing counts as a low-impact exercise for seniors. As Everyday Health explains, golfing isn’t a high-intensity sport that’s going to get your heart racing. However, there’s a fair amount of walking. You’ll also engage your core muscles and perform various balance activities as you challenge yourself to make your shots.


Low-impact exercises for seniors are an essential component of an effective wellness plan. At Kinship Pointe, we believe that one of the joys of relieving our residents of the worries of chores like cooking, housework, and home maintenance is the freedom it gives them to spend their time enjoying fun activities that are good for their spirits and their health.

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