Easy Summer Crafts for Seniors

Summer spelled in clay letters, yellow background, wooden anchor and lifesaver

The start of summer ushers in warmer weather, longer days, and lots of delicious produce. Plus, summer gives the crafty among us plenty of opportunities to get creative. If you’re interested in exploring some new arts and crafts but you aren’t sure where to start, check out our list of easy summer crafts for seniors.

Easy Summer Crafts for Seniors

No-Sew Recycled BBQ Tablecloth

If you want to be the hero at this year’s barbeque, bring a tablecloth that can handle the mess and still look great. This easily accomplished no-sew tablecloth technique will provide the blueprint for converting an old sheet or other material into a fun covering for your picnic table.

Towel Slipcovers for Outdoor Chairs

Sometimes outdoor chairs can get dirty or feel uncomfortable. Upgrade your outdoor seating experience with these deceptively simple washable towel slipcovers for outdoor furniture. Make them for yourself, or as a gift for parents who frequently take their kids to the pool. 

Painted Stone Garden Markers

If you spent the spring planting your garden, good news. It’s time to harvest those veggies and herbs. However, that can be a challenge if you have trouble remembering where you planted what. Solve that problem and add some fun decorative elements to your green space with this easy painted rock garden marker tutorial. All you need are some rocks, some waterproof paint, and some alphabet stamps. These look great outside, but they will look lovely in your indoor potted plants too.

Terracotta Coasters for Outdoor Use

Don’t worry, you don’t need to use a kiln to make this craft. Terracotta coasters can be purchased at many outdoor stores as well as online, and they’re the perfect summer accessory for your patio or picnic table. Use acrylic paints and Sharpie markers to personalize them, and keep your tables safe from condensation rings.

Summer Memories Photo Magnets

Summer brings lots of opportunities for photos of friends and families. Photo magnets can be a fun souvenir of a good time, but the process of getting them made can be expensive and confusing. Not to worry! You can make your very own photo magnets with an adhesive magnet sheet. Photo magnets let you put your summer memories right on the fridge, where they’ll keep you smiling all year long.

Watercolor Luminaries

A watercolor luminary is a great way to add some colorful lighting to your outdoor seating in the summer. You can also use them indoors to bring a touch of that summer evening magic to your dining area or bedroom. All you need are some coffee filters, watercolors, Mod Podge, and an old jar. 

Recycled Jar Flower Centerpieces

If you have a few more jars you want to recycle, these recycled jar centerpieces might be just what you’re looking for. Just round up some scrap fabric and hot glue and get to work. They look chic, are surprisingly easy to make, and are the perfect way to show off your summer bouquets.

DIY Trendy Wooden Signs

Do you know anybody that likes rustic wooden decorations? Surprise them with a custom set of beach-themed wooden signs. This tutorial offers some extra tips for using a computer printer and a stylus or capped pen to create stencils. However, all you really need to do them are some scraps of wood, some beachy-colored acrylics, and a white paint pen. Make them as complicated or as simple as you please.


These are only a few of the fun and easy summer crafts for seniors you can find on the internet. Next time you have an afternoon to yourself, why not invite some friends or family members to try them out with you? Create some crafts and some happy summer memories together, too.

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