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Why Is a Hip Fracture So Dangerous?

Smiling senior woman hugging young nurse
A hip fracture may sound like a minor injury, but it can have a major impact on your health and well-being. Why is a hip fracture so dangerous, and how can you avoid one?
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How Do Compression Socks Work?

Smiling senior man with crossed legs sitting on couch
Compression socks don’t make headlines at fashion week festivities. Models aren’t rocking them on the runways, and celebrities aren’t turning heads by pairing them with plunging necks at premieres. Despite the lack of attention, this hardworking hosiery is still worn ...
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Tai Chi for Seniors

Senior woman performing tai chi outdoors in spring
When you think about exercising, what activity comes to mind first? Maybe you imagine walking, jogging, swimming, strength training, pilates, yoga, or a sport like tennis or golf. But what about tai chi? Did you know that tai chi is ...
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Why Flexibility Is Important for Seniors

senior woman performing lunges in living room
Are you wondering why flexibility is important for seniors? If you think that flexibility is about being able to wear brightly colored yoga outfits and smile while twisting yourself into a pretzel, it’s easy to understand why you might be ...
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The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Senior couple doing yoga in the park
Don’t you wish there was a type of exercise that could make you stronger, more flexible, and more at ease with your body? An exercise with all the impact of a full-body workout, that’s still somehow as gentle as a ...
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Skin Care for Seniors

portrait of senior woman in fall leaves
“The key is to age honestly and gracefully, and make it look so good everyone looks forward to it.” This quote from actress Emma Thompson is a great motto for anyone learning about skin care for seniors. Take care of ...
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How Much Sleep Do Seniors Need?

Sleeping senior woman, smiling a little
Rumor has it that people need less sleep as they age, but rumors often get it wrong. How much sleep do seniors need? It’s an important question. After all, discovering that all your friends are getting by on just a ...
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Causes of Dizziness in the Elderly

Senior woman on couch, holding hand to forehead, looking dizzy and distressed
Have you ever ridden on a carnival ride, like a merry-go-round? They’re a lot of fun, but sometimes you can feel a little dizzy afterward. Dizziness at the carnival can be a good time, but unexpected dizziness is a whole ...
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Fall Prevention for Seniors

Senior couple walking in the park
The idea of falling can be scary for seniors. However, you should know that there are plenty of things you can do to minimize your risk of falling and still stay active. Learn about fall prevention for seniors, and you’ll ...
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Is Walking Good Exercise?

senior couple walking on wooden bridge in park
When you hear the word exercise, you might picture vigorous activities: running, jumping jacks, swimming, playing tennis, etc. While these high-intensity workouts are all great forms of exercise, it’s important to remember that they aren’t absolutely necessary for good health. Moderate-intensity ...
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