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The Connection Between Mental and Physical Health

Smiling senior woman standing outside with arms crossed
“You’re only as old as you feel!” That old saying may sound a little corny, but there’s more truth than you might think. Understanding the connection between mental and physical health can show you why.
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Benefits of Socializing for Seniors

Group of seniors talking over coffee and snacks
When people talk about health, they tend to focus on things like nutrition, exercise, and regular visits to the doctor. While these are all essential, don’t downplay the importance of your social life. Last month, the U.S. Surgeon General released ...
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Creating a Safe Exercise Routine for Seniors

Senior couple exercising with hand weights
Getting more exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. If you don’t exercise safely, however, you can get sidetracked by an injury before you really get started. Creating a safe exercise ...
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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Senior woman smelling red flowers
One of the wonderful things about living in a senior living community, whether you choose independent living or assisted living, is that you’ll receive assistance with daily activities like housekeeping. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should completely ignore the ...
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How to Deal with Moving Stress

Two seniors with moving boxes and dog, smiling
Moving to a new home offers a fresh start, which can be reinvigorating at any age. It gives you a chance to reassess your daily routine and develop healthy new habits. In many cases, it gives you the opportunity to ...
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How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sunscreen in sand, flip flop, sunglasses, and hat in background
Are you enjoying some summer fun in the sun? Whether you prefer floating in the pool, eating watermelon at a barbecue, or sitting on a lawn chair with a good book, be sure to enjoy all your favorite warm-weather activities ...
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What Happens in the Brain When We Learn Something New?

Brain drawing cut-out on wood surface
Seniors in high school often gleefully celebrate the end of this phase of their formal education. Seniors at university are generally focused on finding a job that can set their foot firmly on the career ladder. Senior citizens are not ...
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Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Senior man sitting outside in harsh sunlight
Everyone knows that summer is the season for outdoor fun. However, if you overdo it, you might find yourself struggling to deal with the heat. Learn the symptoms of heat stroke, so you can avoid getting sidelined with a serious ...
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What Causes Insomnia?

Senior couple in bed, woman staring at the ceiling while man sleeps
Do you dread going to bed because you worry that you’ll spend hours there, lying awake and wishing you could fall asleep? Do you fall asleep quickly only to wake up hours before your alarm clock will sound? Do you ...
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Fun Facts About Spring

Bouquet of colorful wet tulips
What’s your favorite thing about spring? The sudden influx of green everywhere you look? The blooming flowers and blossoming trees? All the delicious produce that’s back in season, from asparagus, carrots, and peas to strawberries and rhubarb? Or maybe you ...
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